Work On The Site

I need to get this damn site up and running properly. You’d be surprised how much work this takes, especially when your fighting with your own computer. I’m trying to give instructions to this old boy, roughly 5 years old VAIO, and it is moving like molasses. In human years that’s like 94, I think he has 2 more summers in him. And my  broadband width is terrible, since I have 6 devices on my ONE internet connection. Still waiting for those scientists in the UK to create those better fibre optics that carry download speeds of 20 mbps. That’s disgustingly fast. I’ll be downloading porn before I even know I want it. Like “oh my[sexy voice]….is that the new Sasha Grey? How did this get on my desktop? I didn’t even know I wanted porn at 7am in the morning, but thank you. Thank you.” *zip zip*


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