Aperature and Artwork

I’ve always enjoyed the style behind light graffiti, taking a look at some of the artwork performed by this unique photographic method and there isn’t much I need to say to identify why it is becoming so popular and why so many others enjoy it as well. [Here you may find some more light graffiti exceptionalities]

But where does photography start? From creativity? Creativity ever nebulous, it seems a lot of words have taken on this modern tone and the myths behind it are growing just the same.

It is a prevailing belief that creativity stems from pain and that there is some implicit connection between mental illness and an aptitude for creativity. I suspect that a faculty for creativity is actually just a heightened ability of rationale. Great artwork from my perspective seems to fill the gap between an idea of an emotion(s) and experience(s) and the visual sense of it by use of logic, the same logic used in argumentation or debates, therefore the acquisition of a mental illness isn’t some mutant power that bestows augmented creativity. Apologies to all the potential ‘Schizoboys’ and ‘Depressionmen’ in training. I don’t even understand why that has become such a popular myth, you’ve never seen Jeffrey Dahmer or Brooke Shields open ‘one man exhibits’ or contribute any notable works of art. If the apex of a genre of skills is characterized by degrees of “hotness” then we can all agree that Brooke Shields career or abilities are tepid at best. And it is quite my intention to show how 2 people with completely different lifestyles but still sharing a common ailment, MENTAL ILLNESS, both have the creative prowess of a finger painting. No doubt the sycophants would provide some confidence cock-sucking critique of their bullshit work if they ever did compose some. People with mental illness aren’t handicapped. That’s pretty much what all the awe is implying, it’s like we’re saying “My god, I thought you we’re a buffoon and look what you did, you picked up a brush and made a happy face on canvas, 5 stars I say! Nay 6!” Someone with a mental illness can do just as much as someone without.

Let’s get back to my theory of logic in art. Pablo Picasso’s ‘Seated Woman‘ is a great point of reference as his illustration is meant to rationalize the unity of his family. It’s a visual mixture of his wife, child and himself. I also enjoyed Salvador Dali’s rationalization of the malleability of time, in ‘The Persistence of Memory‘. I wonder how adept Socrates would have been if he ever picked up a Ram’s Horn or Donkey’s-ass-hair brush.


2 responses to “Aperature and Artwork

  1. I think the most important issue to consider when debating the display of art is not whether the individual’s condition is correlated to the quality of their art, but rather the purpose of art? Is art meant to be a form of communication and vessel for ideas? Is art meant to be therapeutic to the artist and hence an inspiration for the observer? Hence, is art for the betterment of humanity or for individual purpose of the artist? Thinking about these questions can clarify both the appropriateness of display of art, as well as its quality. Referencing back to the article though, I do agree that there shouldn’t be an assumption between mental illness and quality of art; however, the curiosity for search of causation or correlation between different variables is the driving force for good science, knowledge, and hence progression. I can understand the value of both purposes, however for art to be on display then the purpose is clear: a vessel carrying understanding of ideas, emotions, or ties between the artist and the observer. I would love to see a “Salon”-like art exhibition, much similar to those of the 18th century – Age of Enlightenment – situated in Paris. Although may be this already exists but out of my awareness (i’m just consumed with making money, who has time for art now a days?)

    • Thank you for your opinion. I agree with your first premise. I’m sure that there are a million other things more important to assess in pertinence to art other than it’s connection to mental illness. However, that’s the topic I chose to discuss in this article. But like many things in life importance is very subjective and there is no right or wrong answer or degrees of importance, that is all perception.

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