Free Association – 01

Ink Blots

“Two black queens on their cells & Bowser from Super Mario”.

So, I was watching the new bond flick (Daniel Craig is too sexy for words), and there was a scene that triggered something in my mind. An exercise in free associative thought! I love these kinds of exercises, because they force your brain to upchuck whatever is hiding latent under the surface. I also just read an article in the 04/11/2012 sunday edition of The Toronto Star (they basically send us The New York Times) called “Why I Am Pro-Life“. Here’s my free association (btw, I’m sober right now).

1) Pro-life = Reproductive Rights Oppression

2) Affirmative Action = Bandaid For Workplace Discrimination

3) Reverse Racism = Illogical Post-Colonial Jargon

4) Emerging Countries = Formerly Oppressed and Occupied Nations

5) Political Parties = Manufactured Consent

6) No homo = Closeted Self Loathing Queer Jargon

7) Tranquility = Paradigm Shift

8) Morality = Constructs and Conditioning

9) Birth = Reincarnation of Energy

10) Death = Osmosis

How’s that for a start?


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