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Teamwork never fails

This morning actually started off last night. I’ve been thinking for a while that the best kind of products or discoveries or ideas come from teams. I don’t really have any facts to back that up. NOT that there aren’t any, I just haven’t done my homework to support my premise. Lazy student, it’s a lifelong kinda thing. BUT…I think that the blog/site needs some additional contributors. I believe in teamwork, being a team player, because really that’s what life is about. From sex to theĀ epitome of dialect all the best stuff happens in teams. Or maybe it’s that lazy student persona surfacing again. Iunno, what I do know is that ‘second step of business’ is to get some more voices on this site. The only thing that really needs to be done solo is shitting. OH wait! Cleveland Steamer! Oh snap I couldn’t even prove the disproof of my theory.


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