Why Matches and Morons Don’t Mix

They…they really made a sign for this? Jesus, things are worse than I thought

(I apologize in advance for the lengthy vitriol but it must be said.) Now you may have to watch the video I’m commenting on first [link] before you understand the subsequent comedy, or maybe this will actually serve as a lead up to the asinine performance, like Michael Buffer introducing a Pacquiao fight.
2 cups of incest. 1/2 a cup of Steve-O (From Jackass). A Dash of Bill O’Reilly. And gently peppered with moron. If I could have inserted the perfect audio clip it would be Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” shouting at his fire in glee, “Look What I Have Created!”. This jackass looks like Brutus from the Popeye cartoons. What did his parents fuck a gold-fish, how can you be so dumb. Why the hell are there no child-locks on the box of matches in the house. You know this fool should not be trusted with cayenne pepper to add heat to a dish let alone be given any equipment that could create a fire. Hide ya kindle, Hide ya kerosene, and Hide ya lighters ’cause this redneck is burning everythang out here (thank god for Antoine Dodson, that was perfect). Check the YouTube video [link below] for yourself to see what why fire was NOT discovered by cavemen.

Fools with Fire, SMH. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWndO651zvw


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