Nabana no Sato, Light Show

‘If only there was an organic place on earth that was like this all the time’

Ever been to Japan? Yeah me neither, but they certainly have an adeptness for creativity. There is a winter light show on the island of Nagashima, inside of a garden called Nabana no Sato. The event looks mesmerizing and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I believe things like this are both necessary and conducive for inspiration. The majority of events that I’ve participated in, whether as a pedestrian or exhibitor, have been in North America and I’ve seen nothing like this. That kinda makes me mad. Mad that my expectations or standards for public art is so low. Mad that my community from citizens to the municipality haven’t really done anything to promote something like this, this beautiful, and that they seemingly don’t understand the importance and implications of something like this. Mad that I’ve acquiesced to companies poisoning my vision with billboards and interruptive advertisements and not advocated for something like this. Well, maybe one day I’ll have the pleasure of taking part of an event similar to the winter light show whether that be in the botanical garden of Nabana no Sato or in a place like New Hampshire. Okay maybe not New Hampshire that’s definitely wishful thinking. In the meantime enjoy some more stimuli from the event. [click on the images below]


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