Ass vs Earth

It astonishes me to what lengths people will go to get attention. I came across this battle of bottoms on Youtube. You should probably watch the video first and then after 30 mins of straight ab ripping laughter return to my post. [click on the picture]

Enjoying someone else’s pain is bad, but it makes me feel so happy

This guy took the full impact of the wall of the planet on his ass alone, didn’t try to spread out the pain or nothing. I’ve never witnessed a man so violently raped by his own pelvic bone. This simultaneously shut his anus and made him shit himself. I actually saved this video on my phone for whenever I need a chuckle. Whenever life is hard I’ll turn back to this moment and this video and realize that it could be worse and I could be like this guy and have my colon forcefully ejected through my mouth. I don’t mean to be that mean….yes I do. Hahahaha.

[Click here to see the ‘Battle of Bottoms‘]


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