Dolce&Gabbana ’95

Recently I had the good fortune of coming across some vintage Dolce&Gabbana images that were taken in 1995 or at least published then. They rehashed my enjoyment of simple black and white photos. There is this certain elegance in photographic plainness and it’s well demonstrated in these images. Not sure who took them but the person is an editorial genius. By the way the model being shot is famous supermodel Adriana Karembeu.

The reason I love black and white pictures. Very sophisticated. Very sexy.

I saw her recently and it looks like she ‘jumped into a time machine’. Botox has a way of making a consumer’s face look like they were vacuum sealed but I can’t say for certain that she has ever come within a foot of the stuff. I mean the woman is like the goddess of space and time or something. She’s still beautiful and best of all it looks like it’s completely natural and it just might be. Screw prayer to a mute monotheistic deity I’m erecting a shrine to Adriana the demigod of baby skin. Anyway really cool photos nonetheless.

Rocky beach blues


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