Palladium x Maharishi: Design Destiny

I’d have a one man photographic exhibition dedicated to you, boots

Palladium boots, such sick work.  I’d do a video montage of me walking in them, different pairs and shit, yeah just ME walking. You should really check…wait, wait…do I know you. I can’t just start divulging these precious confidentialities. Okay you know what just stop reading this right now.

Still here? Okay fiiiiiiine, I’ll share.

This secret product that I’ve decided to put in my ‘secret product bubble’, which is an environment in the mind where I select products, items or ideas and then choose to believe that I have solely discovered them even though they have been created, blogged and ‘websited’ by others, is off-limits. But maybe I’m being unfair, I mean after all you must have great taste, your reading my blog (that’s what I call intellectual masturbation btw). Okay so moving forward. Happen to own a pair or Palladium boots? They are currently my favorite boot brand. They’re generally high-tops, they’re simple and really they have this amphibious ability. They’re very adaptable to different clothing and as footwear that’s a fantastic characteristic. What I have noticed is that the designers don’t stray too much from the basic blueprint. Pragmatic. As the popular and wise adage asserts ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.

Ever heard of Maharishi? Another impressive British clothing company. I didn’t become familiar with them until they combined artistic abilities with Palladium, one of the results being the Palladium x Maharishi Tactical boots [image at top of article]. Now that I’ve expunged more stylistic ignorance with the addition of another great clothing company I feel pretty satisfied. It seems I have a lot of future shopping and credit card debt to look forward to, just doing my part to keep the economy moving. In the meantime peruse the gallery you might find your inner trendy-side to be fortunately thankful.


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