Fashion: Capturing Movement and Light

Really, really liked this particular still I captured. Of what the photographer captured. Of what the model did. Of what the team put together…Well after saying it like that I kinda lost the feeling of how impressed I was with myself [Video Link].

Treasure hunting for moments in fashion is major fun. I feel like the Indian Jones of fashion finds. Without the fighting scenes with punches that sound like someone threw in a sound bite of popcorn being made and action dialogue clichés, but still sustaining everything that’s inherently sexy, of course. Came across this wonderful video shot by Glen Luchford [Video Link] . Unfortunately I’m very late on my serendipitous discovery, 2 years late in fact. Nonetheless its still a great inclusion in my fashion favorites vault. Although after contrasting Luchford’s work it definitely appears to be a different style for him. Historically he seems to have a propensity for vibrant lighting in black and whites. Glen Luchford has an iconic photographic finger-print. So when I say when you see a Luchford picture you can tell it was tailored by him you can appreciate the metaphor. This inference though is not derived from a particular art direction or wardrobe styling characteristic as much as it is the lighting elements and color details. Which brings me to my final thought. Glen Luchford brings a lot of sexiness to photos, he has a way of making me feel a picture is pornographic even when the model’s fully clothed and pose is nonsexual. I just can’t seem to explain it.

Anyway the exceptionality of this video is also shared by stylist Tabitha Simmons and model Jacquelyn Jablonski who was extraordinary in her movements and composure of her countenance. If you have time please look through the gallery of both Jablonski and Luchford’s work together as well I have included other examples of their work that grabbed my attention. Maybe they will grab your attention in a different and fantastic way as well. [Check out the video from the stills]


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