Misunderstood Gesture of Captivation

There’s always been this thing I wanted to say to a girl that I have become enamored by and without her deliberately doing so. You know. When you see someone, who just makes your brain freeze. You see them, you become hot in the face, fluttered in your gut, and your heart and breathing seem to be in a gladiatorial match against themselves. What I felt I knew wasn’t easy to explain, prose seemed to be the best way to expound it. So instead of writing it in conventional ways I ‘poemed’ it out. That feeling I mentioned earlier is what inspired this:



Listen you don’t know me, and I don’t know you
But why does that have to be the thing between us
I look at you, and I find that my feet can’t find the ground
That my lips can’t find air
And my eyes can’t find anything else to interrupt this embarrassing stare
You have my attention
The thought isn’t novel to you?
Days filled with commercial breaks, sales pitches,
Impulse buy posters, fast women, and fist fights
My waking days seem as foggy as my drunken nights
But you
Amongst it all
Have my complete attention


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