New views

And so does my D. Aha…

Today the mission statement is to explore. Find something old, find something new. And put your name on it. Naming rights are huge. They allow us to reflect on an endeavour in a way profoundly impactful on our confidence, which in turn provides the impetus to repeat the process. We’re stuck here in ‘the office’ so to speak, an environment very much conducive to stifling our human curiosity, the same characteristic which employers want us to tap into in order to fix their complex problems, that is unless you’ve decided to dip you feet in the fire of self employment. I’m sure your boss during your tenure has used the idiom “think outside the box” to express the desire to have you operate this inherent curiosity and in order for you to discover something they haven’t. Maybe they used an expression homogeneous in its implications while simultaneously placing you in environment filled with corporate dogma that strips you of your freedoms. The most important one as well, freedom of thought; curiosity is sustained by this freedom.
You’re required to follow meticulously strict rules and guidelines. They have rules even down to the fucking color of your pants and shirt sometimes. What color pen to use on what document. What style font to use on what report. REALLY? You see these things may seem like trivialities however the message they communicate to our unconscious mind is that your curiosity is a bad thing. Only be experimental in the ways in which we tell you, when we tell you and do it how we tell you, feel free to change the black ink to blue on ‘Madness Mondays’. But it is exactly our curiosities which propel our minds into growing and solving problems, old and new. I implore you to find something new. Be curious. Express a ‘crazy’ theory or ‘odd’ invention. And share it with me. HERE. After you’ve found it. I love hearing of new things and would love to hear what new things I have never thought of that you may.


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