Seeking Excitement This Weekend? ‘Tis the Season

Ever have a friend or friends who once in a while need a helping hand. Nothing wrong with that. No one was able to complete anything in a vacuum. I hate that expression. In a vacuum. It sounds mildly idiotic and obtuse. In a vacuum. There’s so many other words that could have been utilized to compose a much more attractive metaphor for solidarity and the state of being hermetic. I’m derailing my train of thought here. A good friend of mine happens to have found employment within the entertainment industry. No. Nothing as luxurious as the thralls of perversion and pussy aromas found within a ‘Titty Bar’. She does find healthy income being a part of club events. I’ve been to a few. Not a bad way to displace some hormones. Interested. Follow the directions on the image. Excuse the very formulaic flyer. My friend didn’t make it. She’s much more creative than that. You should see that kind of ‘thumbnails’ she can draw on her fingernails with nail polish. Anyway the event takes place in Toronto, Canada and contact 647-697-3103.



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