Specs of Light

Enough great things can't be said about this

Enough great things can’t be said about this, who said nudity is strictly lustful if it is erotic. Definitely not the case here.

Another day, another boulder avoided in my Indiana Jones-esk acquisition of another exquisite art find. Daido Moriyama, incredible abstract photographer. Ahhh his work. It’s sexy. It’s sassy. It’s like fucking in the face of an ignoble ex lover and staring them in the eyes while you do it, no shame and without regret. Ok maybe my analogy is a bit too playful and spirited but you gotta admit the artwork Moriyama creates is powerful stuff. Typical artwork elicits a report like response, “oh it has wonderful symmetry and balance” blah blah blah. Great artwork invokes that fuzziness of contemplation and a certain ineffable acknowledgement like “I know that this looks melancholic and upon analysis makes me feel a mixture of sympathy and relief but it is so much more”. Words can only describe things to a point because they have been constructed out of utility and though they have developed deeper attributions (excuse the personification), will never be able to fully report on the complexities of emotions. (I’ll have to elaborate on that thought in a different time.)

After looking at Moriyama’s artwork that ineffable quality is just what I felt and now predicated on that belief I’m illustrating my feelings as best I can into words. I wonder though, Moriyama’s consistency makes me believe that creating such ethereal and visceral imagery out of regular and otherwise innocuous occurrences is capable by anyone and therefore easy, but how easy is it really? If it were truly easy then this kind of high quality artwork would be ubiquitous, but then we probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much, nor be able to acknowledge the difference in quality as is the usual habit.

I’m curious as to his imagination. Moriyama.
What does he recognize in his environment or of the situation as being valuable to artwork?
Great artists always seem to have a trick up their sleeve and I’m that nosey kid in the peanut gallery asking repeatedly how the hell did he do that? [then saying] fuck outta here that ain’t magic. You ain’t shit!
I encourage you to maximize your view of the pictures in the gallery [bottom of article], take in the detail. But take away a greater sense of your own abilities. And someone show me that this talented turdling isn’t the only person who can make pictures this awesome!


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