Hip Rock Flare

Came across an interesting ‘cover’ you guys might enjoy. Hate Being Sober by Chief Keef. Never heard any of his music prior to my sampling the general idea of his song via the ‘cover’ and can’t say I will be motivated too after listening to the original either. I mean it’s not enough that I gotta smell farts but now I gotta experience the odour through my ears. That’s just weird.
The ‘cover’ is being performed by some girl, apparently her name is Niykee Heaton…really? People these days spell names like it’s an art contest, wtf. But returning to the original purpose of this article the songstress does do a good job of creating her own rendition of the original. You should check it out (link). She’s taken a hip hop song and effectively replaced the usual short speech pattern with a cross between what sounds like R&B and Pop/Rock.

Titure, I mean picture perfect moment *ahem*

Titure, I mean picture perfect moment *ahem*

But I kept wondering did she get her hair done, face on, and pick the perfect low-cut top and complimentary bosom accentuating necklace just for this video? Either way I still appreciated the eye candy and equally pleasing vocals but don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself by clicking on the picture.


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