Discreet Prudence of Art

Good art is exceptionally sexy

Good art is exceptionally sexy

Well excuse the hiatus. I feel like I’ve been trapped in an icecap like Encino Man except my frozen expedient was intellectual and theoretical. You’ll be happy to know that my disappearance wasn’t fruitless as I discovered an intriguing series of pictures by the fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld (Fire Etching Exhibit). At first glance I was instantly reminded of the technique Andy Warhol used on the images of Marilyn Monroe, even though the photographic elements are nothing a like, it was the severe exclusivity or uniqueness of the style of photography which brought me to think of them as somehow comparable. What did I enjoy the most? The progressive distension and simplicity. I find that simplicity is beautiful and important as a component of art. Composing artwork, whether purposeful or by consequence that unnecessarily draws attention by hypersexuality or eroticism, overwhelming volume of color, or careless darkness (this is in reference to the mood of a picture) comes off as being meretricious or absurd…and sometimes just lazy. I’ve never considered Lagerfeld’s artistic faculties before but I’d definitely say an encore is appropriately fitting.


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