Supermodel !WORK!


This pictures evokes a sense of the abstraction of self from self. Beautiful.

This pictures evokes a sense of the abstraction of self from self. Beautiful.


Often I find myself observing the form of models in photography…well good photography ’cause to be honest spending time analyzing bad photography, to me, is on par with watching and looking for the value of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I’m certain its more complicated than it appears, things often are. Our eyes have a way of tricking our mind into overlooking details. Ironically. And often times we express an over-simplification of things we have never done and/or don’t understand. It’s aaaaaa…a dumb people thing. I’ve done it tons of times. I’m sure. That in some ways reminds me of a certain implication of the ‘Turing Test‘. But I do like to put my judgements and associable abilities on trial. So I went scouring for great modelling poses. At first I got distracted looking at videos of ‘cat fights’, like literally, Lion Vs Tiger shit. But I returned to the original task and I promise you my findings are glorious. And of course I’m going to share them with you. Jesus taught me that little trick.
While evaluating the images I started contemplating how I would act or think if I we’re in front of the camera. My thoughts brought me to lyrics in TLC‘s Red Light Special.

“Don’t Go too Fast
Don’t Go too Slow
You’ve Got to Let Your Body Flow”.

I don’t know why I feel likes its relevant, maybe because its relative to the idea of making love to the camera. Sweet, tender, FEROCIOUS and UNSTOPPABLE love! Yeah, there’s a certain culture and sophistication to it. Take a look at the gallery while you’re trying to make sense of all the intertwining messages I’ve left you with.


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