Wisdoms of the Words

Have you ever thought about the power of language? Probably, I presume that such a thought would derive from the experience we may feel after observing the eloquence in speech of a friend or acquaintance — whatever the relationship. Such linguistic adeptness has the capacity to move us, transform our beliefs, or simply provoke after thoughts. Nothing seems to evince the factuality of this claim or experience more than the presence of our silence during such moments. I find that when confronted by such an experience I am stripped of rebuttals, and rest all thought on the words of my interlocutor. So with that being said, my suggestion is to start small by rummaging through a dictionary (not a thesaurus, to avoid falling into the trap of committing a malapropism); studying a single word for a week. Even Google the etymology and/or application of the word within particular sentences. Personally I’ve chosen ossify. I find it has a range of applications.
Eventually you may feel how transformative words really are, even within your mind. Funny, how seemingly small matters have the power to affect and form such grand connections.


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